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Hey there, I’m Brooke! I’m a wife to my hubby Robert, a mom to two sour patch kids, lifestyle photographer, educator, and podcaster. I call southwest Oklahoma my home.

My photography business started over 5 years ago when I borrowed my mother-in-law’s camera. A spark was lit inside of me and within a couple months my business was born. I started out knowing absolutely nothing. I started in auto mode and I cringe looking at the editing skills I once possessed.

Since then I have been on a mission to rise to the highest level. I wanted to not only have a fun hobby, but make a full-time career out of it. Two years ago, I left the classroom and began doing photography full time.

I launched the Frame Your Way Photography Podcast in April 2019 and since then have created a community of over 200 photographers who want to learn and grow together. It brewed an idea that we needed to dive even further. Frame Your Business Membership Site was born!

And now I’m inviting YOU to be a part of it. Learn how to create a successful, sustainable, and profitable business while doing what you love and gaining more of your time and freedom back!

I hope you join me,



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