By Brooke Jefferson

My signature membership program to design your photography business to be both profitable and sustainable.


Calling all photographers!

Want to learn how to confidently create a profitable photography business, book more clients, and build a life of your design - without wasting years trying to figure it all out and burning out?

What if you could...

✔ Price your services using a proven profit formula that isn’t based on how confident you feel but rather meets what you need to make

 Stay motivated throughout your journey and be surrounded by like-minded photographers cheering you on

 Automate parts of your business so you can gain your time back and enjoy living life outside of work

 Market your photography business in multiple ways that keeps bringing clients through your doors so you never need to wonder where you’re next client is coming from

 Learn from the ones who have gone before you and hear their strategies for how they operate their businesses

Do you have a dream of building a successful photography business but aren’t sure where to start? Do you often feel like an imposter? The harsh reality is most photographers go through the motions of building a photography business but never fulfill their greatest potential.

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You probably know the feeling… You start out in your business, full of passion and excitement. You get off to a great start and seem to be progressing towards your goals, but as you go along, you lose sight of the destination. You feel overwhelmed and trapped in the comparison game. You begin to burnout and wonder if you are cut out for this. You know you are worth more than what you’re charging but you don’t know how to make the leap and punch fear in the face. Every step becomes harder to take...

You’re not alone.

I was there myself. I still remember the early days of my photography journey where I didn’t feel worthy. In the beginning, I was all in. I was truly passionate about my art and excited to have the clients I did. But then… I would see other photographer’s work and realize how far I had to go.

I poured myself into education, hours of Youtube videos, thousands of dollars in courses and workshops, and years of putting myself out there and trying new things. After months of helping other photographers build their businesses through one on one coaching and my podcast, I am determined to help photographers like you build businesses that you are passionate and excited about and that bring in your desired income.

Rather than going the journey alone and spending years figuring it all out, I created this membership program for you! The Frame Your Business Membership offers a community and a way to learn how to build a sustainable photography business while doing it together.


The Frame Your Business Membership is a mixture of all of my favorite things: a membership portal, courses, trainings, and a members-only Facebook community where we will be hanging out weekly!


Here’s what you’ll get:


 Access to the members-only Facebook group where we will spend the majority of our time together discussing photography, attending the Facebook Live trainings, and jumping on Q&A calls.

 A monthly Q&A call where you can submit your questions and I will answer them LIVE on video.

 A monthly training (or two) from a guest photographer that is killin’ it in the industry and of course from me!

 Access to the membership site portal where you can access the monthly trainings, recorded monthly Q&A calls, pre-recorded courses, and any resources or bonuses that are released


“Brooke brought so much knowledge and experience to the table in regards to how to use social media to benefit my business and how to market my business. She has so many resources to help photographers take their business to the next level.

Each week of her program left me more energized and passionate about reaching my business goals to better serve my clients. Brooke takes all the overwhelming factors of running a business and breaks them down to make them more attainable and FUN to achieve. If you are feeling lost or need a little push in your business, then you need this!”

- Cynthia Bedgood

What are some of the topics we will be discussing inside of Frame Your Business in 2020?

✔ Pricing for Profit

✔ Automating Your Business

✔ Collaborating with Vendors + Your Community

✔ How to Market Your Photography Business

✔ Styling Clients

✔ Enhancing Your Client Experience

✔ Mindset

✔ Diving into each niche of photography including: family, senior, birth, wedding, & branding

And so much more!


Still have questions? Email us at [email protected]

Hey there, I’m Brooke!

I’m a wife to my hubby Robert, a mom to two sour patch kids, lifestyle photographer, educator, and podcaster. I call southwest Oklahoma my home.

My photography business started over 5 years ago when I borrowed my mother-in-law’s camera. A spark was lit inside of me and within a couple months my business was born. I started out knowing absolutely nothing. I started in auto mode and I cringe looking at the editing skills I once possessed.

Since then I have been on a mission to rise to the highest level. I wanted to not only have a fun hobby, but make a full-time career out of it. Two years ago, I left the classroom and began doing photography full time.

I launched the Frame Your Way Photography Podcast in April 2019 and since then have created a community of over 200 photographers who want to learn and grow together. It brewed an idea that we needed to dive even further. Frame Your Business

Membership Site was born!
And now I’m inviting YOU to be a part of it. Learn how to create a successful, sustainable, and profitable business while doing what you love and gaining more of your time and freedom back!

I hope you join me,



Sounds exactly like what I need!

How much does it cost?

I wanted to create a space that is unlike anything out there in the market right now that would be the perfect fit for a photographer at any stage in their business, from beginners to the more experienced photographers who all share in that overarching dream of making this a career.

I know without a shadow of a doubt this membership site can absolutely transform your business and play a vital role in your journey to creating a profitable and sustainable business.

You can get started today for a monthly payment of $97 per month or for the best value + a FREE month, 1 yearly payment of $1067.


Frequently Asked Questions

As long as you are in the membership, you will have access! If you decide to leave the membership, your portal link will expire and you will be removed from the members-only community.

No. As long as you are committed to making your dream of having a thriving photography business a reality, you will find value. I specifically created trainings and asked guest experts to come in so that we could all benefit regardless of experience.

Yes, regardless of what your niche is what is taught inside of the membership is related to operating a photography business, mindset, and community. You are welcome here my friend.

The best news ever… it’s a hybrid of everything! You get the best of both worlds inside of the membership PLUS an amazing community of like-minded photographers who are cheering you on and learning together. This adds an extra layer of accountability which is a key ingredient to success.

You can. While I hope you stick around and become a loyal member of the Frame Your Business family, you are welcome to cancel your membership at any time and future charges will not occur.

Due to the nature of this membership, no refunds will be given under any circumstances. You are able to cancel at any time.


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